October 18th:

Today we made a schedule and had everyone sign up for what they would be doing all next week. Five people got stuff from the lost and found and brought it to class, mostly lunchboxes, and a coat. There were people that were looking at the other CC classes wikis and seeing what they had done for their videos (snooping). There were copies of the your welcome letter that comes with the lost and found item you receive made. We also previewed our first trailer.

October 5th:

Some people were more individual today and were working on their own projects. The tech group broke into single people and made their own character projects. The t-shirt group finished taking a survey to see who wanted a shirt in the class and made sure that everyone who wanted one was on the list. They then started to . A group of three worked on making an imovie and took a short video on their camera. At 3:02 we took a vote and decided to have free time for the rest of the class period.

October 4th:

Today the individual groups continued working on their separate projects. The t-shirt design group decided on the color blue for the background of the shirt because it got the most votes over the other colors like yellow, orange and green. A few kids made their own type of video with what look like tiny puppets made of fabric and Popsicle sticks that talk about recycling. The group that started working on the imovie made the beginnings of a video on a mac. Later, a member of the t-shirt designing group wrote down details about whether people wanted a shirt, and if so what number and size that you want for it, also your name would be put on it.

October 3rd:

Today we broke into groups. One of the groups worked on making an imovie about our CC class. A few people decorated the door and made it into a likeness of our class logo (a G6 airplane) and included some of the pictures from the beginning of character connections. Another group also did a survey for what color everyone wanted the t-shirts we're going to get to be. A group is also the tech group and they work on stuff for the wiki. They add the pictures and details to update the wiki based on what the class is currently doing.