This is what's happening in our Character Connections class!

Week #1: We did get-to-know-you activities. We introduced ourselves and played who's-your-classmate bingo.
Week #2: Each student brought in a paper bag with an item that showed a strong character trait that s/he possesses. We saw items like miniature figures, medals, rulers, crayons, and ribbons. Each item said something piositive about who we are. We also talked about the basic purpose and structure for the Character Connections class. We established some class "norms." (See Norms page). We cleaned the halls one day. We dscussed the Moral Compass and the Three E's that we value: Each Other, Education, and the Environment. We work with partners to make Inspiration graphics to illustrate our understanding of the three E's. We posted these to our wiki page. (See Inspirations page).
Week #3 and #4: We played kickball and did some group bonding. Students worked together to design names, slogans, and logos for our Character Connection class. We have voted and are in the process of tallying votes. Students were very creative!

January 22, 2013: Today we talked about charatcer traits that can be learned/reinforced through playing games. We made banners for Charatcer Trait Games, which begin tomorrow.