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Things we have the power to change at BCS
  • environment of the school
  • friendship
  • leadership
  • cleaning
  • bullying
  • communication- greet everybody (i.e. goodmorning, goodbye)
  • Add a Academic lab for every grade level
Character Cards 9/26/2012 -
  • Take your time and explain what happened
  • Having the confidence to speak up
  • Stay positive about that confidence to speak up and be consistent

What we would like to change but we dont have the power to do so

  • A better variety of food in the lunch lines.
  • The food should be better tasting and better quality. We would prepare to pay more for better food.
  • An assembly to help people learn each others names. Something that could relate to "get to know them"
  • At lunch, you should be able to go outside as soon as you get approved. Currently, you can't go outside unitl a certain time. You should be able to go outside once you get approved from one of the lunch helpers. The other middle schools have this right, so why shouldn't we be allowed to?
  • Ideas to use or dump
    • Who likes the food choices in the lunch lines as they are?
    • Would you buy lunch more if the quality was better in the lunch lines?
    • Would you be willing to pay more for food if the quality was better?
    • How many people have food allergies (besides peanuts)
    • Help people in the community
    • The lunchroom - How can we change the atmosphere during lunch? How kids treat kids, how Adults treat kids and how kids treat adults.
    • Activitys at assemblys
    • The children lead it.
    • 5/6 should do BCS now

Discussed how the project was too focused on food and not really getting to the things we want to change.
Change of Project/Problems ideas:
Accountibility, Cooperation, Integrity, Respect, Kindness
Realiablity - How do we stop people from just "saying it" and start "doing it!"
Thinking of Ways to "Make it Stick"
Visual reminders (Stickers, posters, time to talk)
Having someone/students who has experienced the 'effects' of bad decision making (by themselves or others) come in and talk to the kids about what happened to them to make it real.