We Are Roberts Radical Rocking Racoons!


Math and Movement
Day 7
We started to research how we could combine math and movement/sports. Made a wiki page for it and started to add relevant articles/webistes.

Day 6
We debriefed about the results of our survey and identified common themes. Kids are mocked when they answer questions incorrectly in class, especially math classes. Sports and sporting abilities are a cause for "bullying" and peer msitreatment.We also identified several places where students feel unsafe at BCS-Hallways during transitions, cafefteria, and gym.We aslo chose our team name and drew our own logo!

Day 5
We wanted to learn more about what bullying looks like at BCS.We completed individual surveys about the types of "bullying" we have seen and witnessed first hand.

Day 4
We broke the compass down and discussed what it looks like at BCS when people don't respect the environment, educaton and each other. Some pretty interesting conversation!!We decided bullying was the most important issue we needed to address.

Day 3
We thought about the BCS Moral Compass. What does it look like? What does it mean?

Day 2
We Played a get to know your name game outside with a ball-it was hot!!

Day 1
We talked about our expectations for this class. We drew one word to describe our expectations and made a collage of them.